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Bodygram is an online fitness app that helps housewives to do workouts at home. The existing mobile app does not meet the needs of customers and also the business and has an old design. The redesign will help Bodygram to remain one of the leaders in this business for a long time.

We set out to completely overhaul the interactions, look and feel of Bodygram, and create a mobile app that provides usability guidelines and aesthetic appeal along with new features.

I led the entire project and worked on defining and creating new features, user experience, and visual design of the app. I also tweaked old core feature design and worked on interaction design, while my fellow developers worked their magic to help bring the whole project to life.

Target Group:
Housewives who find it difficult to go to the gym and want to exercise at home without special equipment

Five months

Microsoft Office‭, ‬Adobe XD‭, ‬Zeplin‭, ‬Adobe Illustrator

Understanding the Existing Experience

I held several meetings with‭ ‬the product and the marketing managers‭ ‬and listened to everyone‭, ‬and categorized their needs‭.‬

Problem definition

I held and facilitated several meetings with managers and product owners‭, ‬during which we separated and‭ ‬categorized the needs‭ ‬of the users‭, ‬and brainstormed‭ ‬ideas‭ ‬to find the‭ ‬right problem‭.‬

Big-Picture & Wireframes

Main steps of each feature designed and tested first‭.‬ In the next step I tested the details of a flow with them.

I defined scenarios for each test session to be sure that‭:‬

  • If the users‭ ‬complete a flow‭ ‬and reach the goal‭.‬
  • Can they easily have a‭ ‬correct understanding‭ ‬of each section or page‭?‬
  • Is there any way to make the flow‭ ‬easier and simpler‭?‬

In-App Registration

Old registration experience and its problems‭:‬

  • Offline‭ & ‬completely outside the application
  • Complicated
  • Very time-consuming

Solution and the new design‭:‬

  • Right in the application
  • New environment called newsfeed

Business result‭:‬
with the new design‭, ‬the only activity of the Bodygram registration team is the final approval‭.‬

Challenges and difficulties‭:‬
While designing the new features and experiences‭, ‬I had to make a balance between what was the existing user’s mindsets and the new experiences I was presenting to them‭. ‬Of course‭, ‬this is always a challenge in the design process and the‭ ‬only way is to have iterations‭.‬

User Profile

While talking with the target group‭, ‬I found that children’s access to their parents’‭ ‬phones sometimes causes the child to open one of the mobile apps and perform an action by accident‭. ‬With this design‭, ‬I was able to help them to prevent this incident by defining a password‭.‬

Workout path and daily cards

Through‭ ‬the user research sessions‭, ‬I’ve found that showing nailed‭ & ‬failed workout days on a path‭ ‬motivates the users‭ ‬and gives them a good feeling‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬I designed a card that includes the daily tasks for each day‭, ‬and depending on the completion of all the daily tasks‭, ‬the day status will be shown on the workout path‭.‬

The test results indicated that inducing a good feeling and creating motivation gives users a‭ ‬sense of trust and respect‭ ‬and a willingness to renew their subscriptions‭. ‬I created this feature and left the rest to the Bodygram’s professional‭ ‬marketing team‭.‬


I designed a‭ ‬new dashboard‭ ‬to let the users see the reports of their activities and their history‭. ‬The ability to view more‭ ‬detailed data‭ ‬in addition to the‭ ‬significant change‭ ‬compared to the previous version in the‭ ‬user‭ ‬interface‭ ‬graphics‭, ‬are among these changes in the new design‭.‬



  • News and training posts
  • Communication among Bodygrammers
  • Communicating directly with the trainer

Communication between Bodygrammers is important‭ ‬for users and business‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬I tried to‭ ‬keep the‭ ‬Instagram mindset‭ ‬of the users and help them to share experiences with each other‭, ‬see the latest comments and show quick feedback about it‭ (‬i.e‭.‬‭ ‬like‭), ‬and‭ ‬communicate with their trainer‭.‬

Test resutls showed‭ ‬that the design was very effective in making users‭ ‬return to the application‭ ‬when they don’t even want to do their daily tasks or workout activities‭.‬

Final results

In designing the new version‭, ‬I‭ ‬completely overhauled the interactions‭, ‬look and feel‭ ‬of the Bodygram‭, ‬and provided guidelines for usability and aesthetic appeal along with specific new interactive features that led to significant outcomes for the business in the following areas‭:‬

  • Reduction of human errors‭ ‬in the registration process
  • Building a funnel which led to a‭ ‬40%‭ ‬increase‭ ‬in the number of new users

More user activity‭:‬
By adding the possibility of sending reminders to users to perform daily activities‭, ‬and adding new features for the marketing team within the application‭, ‬the percentage of‭ ‬daily activity of users quadrupled‭.‬

The new design opened the doors to new capabilities which led the users to be more active in the application‭.‬

Business values

Due to the increase in user interaction with each other and communication with the trainer‭, ‬Retention‭ (‬user’s referral to the application‭) ‬and‭ ‬loyalty increased‭. ‬Bodygram‭ ‬has far‭ ‬surpassed its competitors‭ ‬in this business‭.‬

Design quality‭:‬
Multiple tests and reviews‭ ‬of each flow and making changes to the design iteratively helped us to‭ ‬meet our needs and quality requirements‭, ‬and ultimately the main goal of the Bodygram team was to achieve a‭ ‬unified and balanced design‭, ‬which we believe we have now‭.‬

Human Errors


0 %

New Users


Retention & Loyalty

"UI is now trendy and has become popular among Bodygrammers. Bodygram has changed from an application that users only worked with once a day to an application that they refer to constantly."
Bodygram Manager

For the future

According to the conducted research‭, ‬we in the business team‭, ‬intend to help create a more competitive and cooperative aspect between the Bodygrammers‭. ‬This could happen by adding gamification and creating competition on a specific workout activity‭, ‬and setting goals for them‭.‬

We also want to keep the design up to date and of course‭, ‬tracking the results‭ ‬of the specified metrics‭ ‬will also help us a lot in future decisions‭.‬

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